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Computer Repair and Maintenance in Qatar

Why should you choose the computer Repair Service in Qatar?


At Alfaone Infotech, we ensure that we offer you the best and first-class repair service for all hardware and software problems with your computers and other hardware. Moreover, we believe in cost-effective and 24-hour support, so that nobody returns disappointed. We have our unique way of providing service, so you end up wasting your time and money on unnecessary things. Following on from this, we offer services such as pick-and-drop facility, on-site repair support, Computer repair and maintenance in Qatar, and remote technical assistance. Now it depends entirely on the problem of your PC that which service is needed to solve the problem.

Lifetime Warranty

We try to identify the cause of the problems and repair them accordingly. If the repair has been successfully completed, you will be offered a lifetime warranty.

Complete Diagnosis

When you request a repair, you also have other benefits. All our free services are designed to serve the customers.

Service With High-End Customer

You can always reach us via simple modes such as Call or e-mail service. Our services are affordable and reliable and are aimed at meeting the requirements.

Professional Technicians

The technical engineers hired in our team have obtained their degrees and are certified. All members of the team are very experienced and work professionally.


We are very passionate about serving our customers fairly and achieving fruitful results. Each repaired part is only given to customers and they are also for the required services.


We are consistent in displaying the quality service and win the trust of the customer. As reliable service providers, we can serve millions of customers worldwide.


We strive to provide fast and fast services without any hassle. Our team member appreciates your time and the urgent need to have the products repaired so that we serve accordingly.

Alfaone InfoTech is your only true partner

Looking for computer repair in Qatar? Well, then we are here and we offer the best repair service for all hardware and software problems with all types of desktop and laptops. Alfaone Infotech is not only focused on providing world-class repair service, but it also ensures that it does not take that much time and effort to repair it. That is why we focus on providing onsite support so that you do not have to go to our service centre every time you are confronted with a problem with your device. All you have to do is call us at our customer service number and tell us about your problem. Our first concern would then be to help him remotely for a quick and immediate solution.

AlfaOne Infotech is specialized in computer and laptop repair and related problems. Whether it is a slow computer or laptop, installing a (new) printer, or installing a modem or router: we are happy to help you with this. Below is an overview of the most common problems:

  • • Windows (re) installation
  • • Software installation
  • • Back up data and Data recovery
  • • Remove viruses and spyware
  • • Installing a modem or router
  • • Set up e-mail
  • • Maintenance visits (APK)
  • • Upgrade computer parts


In addition to the problems mentioned above, we can often help you with other Computer repairs and maintenance in Qatar. A computer can sometimes be a mysterious machine that does exactly the opposite of what you want. This can sometimes cause huge frustrations. We can solve these problems quickly and expertly in most cases. If you have any questions about our “computer repairs” you can contact us without obligation.