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CCTV Security Installation in Qatar

AlfaOne Infotech – Your trusted partner in certified security. With experienced permanent employees, we provide high-quality solutions for the security of your business premises and/or home.

Safe at home and safe from home? Homan Security has the best solution for you! Protecting your home against burglary makes you feel safer. You can secure your valuables in several ways.

AlfaOne Infotech, being a top-class CCTV Security Camera Installation Company in Qatar has been active as a specialist as a CCTV Installation service provider in the field of effective security for companies and individuals. You can contact us for a total security plan: from camera security, alarm systems, and anti-theft systems, control room services to emergency security systems, and safes.

The strength of our organization lies in the top quality of the products, the application of the very latest insights, and our experienced team of security professionals. AlfaOne Infotech is allowed to perform all possible security assignments for the business community: from alarm systems to surveillance cameras and from CCTV to complete company security.

Camera images as evidence

Do you still fall victim to vandalism or a burglary attempt? Then you have evidence in your hands, thanks to the CCTV Camera Installation Company in Qatar! In addition, it is also ideal as an extra check in case of an alarm. Emergency services respond more quickly when they know that an alarm has been verified. This is easily done with our CCTV services.

View your camera images wherever you are

A camera system gives you an extra pair of eyes so that you keep an overview at any time and from any location and can see what is going on in your company via your smartphone or laptop. Even when you are traveling.

Customized camera security

Depending on the type of system you want, related to the size of your home or business and the complexity of your needs, a CCTV installation consists of one to a few dozen fixed cameras or domes. This allows you to control a specific area or multiple large areas, with multiple options of motion detection and programming.

Your formula for success for camera surveillance

Our experts first listen to your wishes and needs, and thoroughly analyze the risks, for a smart camera plan. The components:

  • Cleverly arranged cameras for:
  1. identification
  2. recognition
  3. observation
  • Excellent image quality and high-resolution images, thanks to IP megapixel cameras
  • Less cabling thanks to the latest wireless technologies
  • Recognizable images – even with a lot of backlights
  • Digital recording – up to four weeks
  • Get the right images quickly, thanks to an intelligent search engine
  • Always images, thanks to proactive image guarantee with automatic control


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